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Who Will Fight the Dragon?



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Who among us will have the audacity to fight the dragon? Will you? Here’s the deal, know for a certainty that each head of the dragon is found in the seven churches.

Yeah we know about Paul the false apostle, but have you sought the Father as to which church you are in? The reason I ask this is because, Smyrna was tried by the accuser of the brethren for ten days or will be, Philadelphia was buffeted by those who said they were Judeans but were not, and were of the synagogue of Satan, as to Philly, that was then, this is now. As to Smyrna, again that was then, this is now. As to all the seven churches in each one is contained a series of lies and those lies resides or has resided in each and everyone, otherwise we would all be in Heaven, rejoicing and the Power of YHVH will have come, and the authority of His anointed one and you would know with a powerful certainty that salvation is come and manifested. If any of this were true, then everyone would be talking about it.
So because this is not being talked about, then guess what, everyone is engaged in a battle with the dragon and the lies that reside within each. This battle with the dragon is internal folks, not in outer space. Rev 12 is internal, not external. Likewise the accuser of the brethren is also within and takes up residence upon the tongues and hearts of….guess who?
Yes the woman is the bride, but the bride is YOUR HEART at least those who entered the New Covenant, again, marriage covenant. When you enter this, yes you have accepted the marriage proposal. You have been brought to your knees at the preaching of Elijah and you have wept and have been broken and you have been or are of a contrite spirit and heart, this is the fruit meet for repentance. And if this is true in you, then you are or have been prepared for the coming of YHVH and you are a heavenly planting, which is THE SON, even Adam. Male and female He created them. But He created the Son first, then the woman, so ladies please do not get offended that the son comes first, then the daughter. The point being here is that the manchild is the product of marriage, the union of heaven and earth, the Torah written in your heart and in your mind. When that happens then the child of promise will be conceived within, formed and then born. So if nothing else cry out for the travail, because without it, nothing will be birthed and the woman SArah//Rachel/Hannah and the wife of Manoah is barren. What do each of these women have in common? They grieved, they yearned, they longed, they craved within themselves for a son! Have you done that? Is it within you to crave the son and His birth?
Rev 12 is a picture of what was common knowledge 2000 years ago. However we already know why this is so obscure today. This is how the recreation of Adam and Eve happens, this is the creation of the New Heaven and the New Earth and it is within you. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, get used to it or you’ll miss it. When the Torah is inscribed by YHVH in your mind, then and only then will HE have established HIS Throne within you. This is not the work of you writing the Torah in your mind, which is rote memory work, NO, YHVH does it with His fiery finger.
If you want to obtain the KIngdom of Heaven, then you will fight the Seven Canaanite Nations and drive them out of Heaven. And yes those nations are within you and they are driven out of you, first out of your heart and then out of your mind.
So are you willing of a truth to look upon the Great Red Dragon and declare with the boldness of the righteous, the boldness of a lion, that Hey Dragon, you are about to be squashed like a bug, YHVH has opened a can of whoop ass, and it’s dumped on you. And quite frankly folks, I don’t give a rip whether my language offends you or not, religion and the religious are so easily offended.

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