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Antichrist Paul

Antichrist Paul

The persecutor

Paul of Tarsus was sent forth by Lucifer to destroy the Assembly of God built upon the Law. And divinely he a natural fit for the mission because of his profile.
  • Paulis a Benjamite(Romans 11: 1) andthe Torah says that “Benjamin” will divide the spoils. The Benjamite gave Israel his first king whose name was Saul and Saul persecuted David from the house of Jesse (Isaiah 11: 1-2). Paul was therefore a natural choice for Satan in order to destroy the house of David (Jesus). The Benjamite at some point merged with the tribe of Judah and we all know what the name “Judah” stands for.
  • Paul is also from the family of Herod Antipater(Romans 16: 11; Acts 22: 26-29)who converted to the religious practice of the descendants of Jacob though he was an Idumean, a descendant of Abraham through Isaac and Esau. No wonder why the Herod family was chosen by Satan to kill both John the Baptist and Jesus the Nazarean.

Mark of the beast

Paul is an impostor in the church of Jewish Christianity founded by both John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth. The story of his pseudo-conversion by Jesus near Damascus is a deliberate act of deceit from Lucifer (Satan) for two reasons:
  • He (Paul) and the men traveling with him did not actually see Jesus; they just heard a voice (Acts 9:4-7). The voice they heard was the voice of Satan and like a cunning person; he (Satan) took the liberty of imitating the voice of Jesus. It is divinely impossible for the “ghost of Jesus” to be in Damascus while the same Jesus forbad his disciples to go Samaria (Matthew 10: 5-6).
  • He (Paul) started preaching Jesus in Damascus without proper training and without the express authorization from the elders of the church in Jerusalem (Acts 9: 20-22). He appointed himself Apostle of Jesus and became the thirteenth (13th). Paul is the mark (seed) of the Beast among the twelve appointed Apostles.



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