Sunday, September 13, 2015

Those of us exposing Paul are YHWH's "special forces" and messengers of truth



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In the years to come and yes there will be years to come, you and I and all who have come out of Pauline Christianity will be known as ‘forerunner’s’ and forerunners are indeed YHVH’s special forces, messengers of truth, and this is the work of YHVH.  Think about it for a minute, the True Gospel that was taught by Yahshua has been virtually lost for 2000 years until now.  What a magnificent work the Father has placed in our hands.

When Yahshua looked out over the great harvest he was not looking at a people who were totally ignorant to YHVH, I mean come on, these folks were raised with the Torah.  But like us they had fallen under the spell of religion, and they like us were deceived by their leaders.  Those leaders of Judea were the Paulinists of their day.  They had supplanted the Torah, the Word of God with the “Traditions of the Elders’ the word of man.  We are living in a mirror image of that time.

He sent forth His Word and healed them, ‘The Sun of Righteousness rising with healing in His wings’  this is a promise to those who will yield to implanted Word of Truth that was sown in them.  YHVH is my shepherd.  Think about it, the Word of Truth is my Shepherd, think about it, the Word of Truth is the Lamb of God.  Now you know what was slain before the foundation of the world, The Word of truth.  Now the Lamb of God only takes away the sin of the world IN those that follow Him.
The healing power of the Commandments as they are hand written upon your heart and mind are so powerfully manifest.  Wings always speak of the Commandments and again there is awesome healing power for the soul as those Commandments are hand written upon the heart.  I mean every time YHVH does this you are literally LIT up inside and anything that is dark or darkness is revealed in that light and you have a choice at that moment and yes it’s only a moment, you have a choice to either flee with the darkness or stand firm in the light like Moses did.  If you choose to stand you will experience the most profound healing that you never knew could possibly exist.

To bind the strong man, to bind the lying spirit.  Paul is a manifestation of the dragon, and guess what?  It’s YHVH Himself that plucks this critter out of us, first He exposes it, yeah, there’s a dragon working in us before this happens and yes, I’ve seen it.  It makes you sick that this thing was hiding deep within, it’s a lying voice that mimics the Holy Spirit speaking forth the dribble of Paul and lawlessness, it abides in our ignorance.

Paul is to the Christian what Pharaoh was to the Israelites, Pharaoh the Great Dragon’ the father of lies so to speak.  Paul and Pharaoh, both of them exalted themselves way above and beyond the Father Himself, way beyond all that YHVH has ever spoken.  YHVH said He would jerk the great dragon up out of the Nile/spirit with ALL the fish/lies of his scales sticking to him.  Think about it, when you are thoroughly purged of all things Paul and Christian, so in effect there is a second deliverance from Pharaoh.  Gee, where do we see that Great Dragon again?  Perhaps Revelation 12?

Now this is something for those that are not living in the box of religion, and that is this, Angels are simply messengers, that’s the definition of the word, which is why John the Baptist was called THE MESSENGER OF THE COVENANT even the angel of the Covenant.  So why is it so far fetched that in Rev 12 that the angels of the dragon are simply Christian messengers  preaching Paul?  Or that the angels of Michael are simply those who war with the messengers of Paul.

Again is it so far fetched that the angels referred to in the parable of the wheat and the tares are in reality those with the Word of Truth, those that are exposing the dragon/Paul and leading others into the the truth about the Kingdom of Heaven, into the truth about the original Gospel that was taught by Yahshua.  Really is it so far fetched.  I ask because this is apparently what is happening before our very eyes.   I am not eliminating angelic beings, our allies in this war, just expanding a little.
Quite frankly in my opinion there is a simultaneous event that occurs as we bring Pauline doctrine into the light in others.  And as they understand the truth and turn back to YHVH there is a deliverance from anti-christ and another dragon is thrust out of heaven.

So let me say this about binding the strong man, it is the Fear of YHVH that binds the strong man and drives him out.  It’s an all or nothing event.


  1. Our Dear Mishayah, May I have your permission to copy and paste this wonderful message onto the comments page of another site, where people are waking up and being delivered from the false apostle Paul? I thank and praise Our Father for His Mighty Works in you. your very grateful sister, seeking THE TRUTH while there is time.

  2. great words brother, i also exposing to paul in my spanish blog.